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This is a Texas-related page, which means that it ----- like Texas at its best ----- is welcoming and broad minded. It is kind.  There are only four rules:

1) No partisan politics

2) No cussing or pornography

3) No personal attacks on other posters.

4) No SPAM

A little bit of explanation:

1) I'll probably eliminate 3/4ths of the traffic by saying "no partisan politics"  because nothing seems to animate the internet like getting to point out where somebody is wrong, stupid, naive etc... I don't care.  I don't want it here.  So a comment like "Send that idea to Washington and watch it die a quick death" is okay  but "Obama/Trump/Democrats/Republicans/Liberals/Conservatives are stupid"  is not. 

2) Mild profanity is okay.  Sometimes, a story just can't be told without it.  I'm going to allow placeholders so, for example, a word "sh*t"  is okay.  But try to keep it to a minimum.  4th and 7th grade Texas history classes read this forum. Keep them in mind.   No F-bombs in any form. 

3) No personal attacks on other posters.  Criticize an idea or opinion, not the person. 

4) No SPAM.

Thank you kindly and welcome. I've got some brisket in the smoker out back. Help yourself to a beer from the 'fridge.

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