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A question for ya'll about boots

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When it comes to boots I've always been a "round toe" man (I think they call it a J toe) and in fact I think the square toes look kind of silly or even dumb.  But lately it feels like my round toe Luccheses are wearing on my pinky toe, especially on my right foot, and causing me to grow a callous. I have two pairs of them and both are doing this, though one is worse than the other. I think maybe my feet have changed shape over the last 20 or so years because these boots did not used to do this.  My questions are 1) are square toe boots better in this regard? It almost feels like they have to be  2) do you think square toes look weird or "un-cowboyish?"  I'm having a hard time getting past the look of that square toe but it seems like I see more an more of them in the stores like Sheplers so maybe its just me and maybe I need to get over it.

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