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The Texas Quote of the Day 1-22-2023: Lindbergh Does Dallas


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The Texas Quote of the Day:

"Keep your airport ---- it will place you among the commercial leaders of the world."

------ famed aviator Charles Lindbergh in  Dallas, 1927.  Charles was pretty perspicacious with that comment, wouldn't y'all agree?  

Here's a photo of Lindbergh in Dallas at that time,  about three months after he made the first solo crossing of the Atlantic in his airplane, "The Spirit of St. Louis."    Before Lindbergh left for Paris, Harry Guggenheim, a multimillionaire and aviation enthusiast, visited him at Curtiss Field. "When you get back from your flight, look me up," said Guggenheim, who later admitted he didn't think there was much chance Lindbergh would survive the trip.

Lindbergh remembered and did call upon his return. It was the beginning of a friendship that would have a profound impact on the development of aviation in the United States. The two decided Lindbergh would make a three-month tour of the United States, paid for by a fund Harry and his father, Daniel, had set up earlier to encourage aviation-related research. This photo was taken on that tour.

And so it was that, with the Daniel Guggenheim Fund as a sponsor, and  flying the "Spirit of St. Louis," Lindbergh touched down in 49 states, visited 92 cities, gave 147 speeches, and rode 1,290 miles in parades.

"Lindbergh was seen by literally millions of people as he flew around the country," said Richard P. Hallion, historian for the Air Force and the author of a book on the Guggenheims. "Airmail usage exploded overnight as a result," and the public began to view airplanes as a viable means of travel."

Lindbergh in Dallas, 1927.jpg

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