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Texas Tough

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This is my friend and Bee Tutor. He is now 84 years of age. When this was taken he was 82. I won't mention his name because I don't know if he wants the publicity. I do own the photo. When this picture was taken we had already picked up several hundred pounds of pecans along his native pecan lined creek. We came to this tree and he looked skyward. I want those up there he said. It took a ladder to get to the first limb and after that he scurried (well maybe not that fast) up several more limbs then said, hand me that pole. In the beginning I tried to talk him out of it, but he wouldn't have any of that. Best friend a man ever had.

Mr. Moore 82.JPG

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I am intrigued as to what he is doing with all those bees inside his pickup. At first glance I thought he just has a bandana pulled up over his nose, that is a beekeeper! lol. I have to tuck my shirt tail in though. The bees get about elbow level on my back and go to nibbling if I don't. Hard to grab them there. It is instinct to get one out after being stung. They won't sting again because they left the stinger with you. Great shot right there. Great picture.

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