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Guadalupe Mtns NP


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I love the clouds in that last photo of El Capitan. 

The last time I climbed Guadalupe Peak my girlfriend got to the scree at the end and wouldn't traverse it. She was afraid of falling.  We were within 150 yards of the pinnacle and she wouldn't budge. I was like "babe, you've walked six miles (or whatever) and now you won't do this last little bit?"  I was walking back and forth over it, showing her how safe it was.  She wouldn't budge.  Finally this 75 year old Vietnamese woman came up the trail and just plowed right on through like it was nothing.  I just looked and pointed at the woman, who was merrily trudging around the corner. That shamed my gf and she crossed.  As soon as she did it she was glad she had, of course. 

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On 1/23/2023 at 10:08 PM, LearnedHat said:

not much but a series of sunrises from Pine Springs campground and a cloud covered El Capitan.  I want to do a multiday backpack and go from Pine Springs to Dog Canyon and then out McKittrick (would need a shuttle I guess).10FD6C21-8423-4126-9C64-8DE685330396.thumb.jpeg.8d2a6684412105a2d7832b4569947b61.jpegA093C5EA-A13F-4180-BD12-BEE19271DE75.thumb.jpeg.c3e674774034df4caf253b34ba960cf8.jpeg


I've seen that last scene many times. I think I've climbed Guadalupe Peak 12 times in my life and probably 2/3rds of the time it's been almost completely cloud or dashing in-and-out cloudy. So an ethereal place. Every Texan should go!

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