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Dak Prescott ... Will He Ever Get it Done?


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It's taken me a couple of days to digest/review the Cowboys' loss to the 49'ers.  Do y'all think Dak is EVER going to get it done?   On the one hand I think he lost the game before the half.  On the other hand, Dak got smothered all game, the Cowboys' offensive line was horrible, and San Francisco's defense is super.   Still, I've been a Dak fan/apologist since the beginning but after watching the game again I think that window is closing.  He is a pretty good player but not playoff/Super-bowl level good. Shame. I like him but he's careless with the football and seems to lack that killer instinct that all the great ones have. And he's a 40 million-dollar-per-year QB.  On the other hand, how can the Boys trade him? Who a) can afford him b) would be able to make a trade that Jerry would approve?

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It's hard to say when a QB has a game like that if it's his fault, the offensive line's fault, etc...     But when the running game is no threat (it's clear to me that Zeke has lost more than just a step. I really wonder if we're going to hear in a week or two that he's been playing with an ACL injury or something. He seems to have no lateral mobility, no ability to cut), you don't have any receivers who can really take the top off the defense, and the OL is giving the QB about two seconds to get the pass off, the defense can start crowding the line. You've got to have other offensive players who can keep your opponent's defense honest and Dallas doesn't have that right now.  It may be that Dak knows all of this and is feeling the pressure to make really quick decisions.  You would think at some  point, though, that it's going to start affecting his confidence.   I still think that on a different team he COULD be a great QB.  

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