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The Newer Old Alamo

Andy Z

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Wanted to share a 2010 photo from Bracketville shortly before it had closed. While a movie set, it just seems to be more authentic as to what it was before Texas was Texas than downtown San Antonio. You get more of a "feel" for it. Though that has never deterred me from visiting the real Alamo when in San Antonio. 

Bracketville Tx 2010-07-24 020a e.jpg

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I recently watched a documentry on the making of John Wayne's Alamo and it was great.

Many of the cast were interviewed and spoke about all of the things that went on behind the scenes.

I highly recommend it. As a side note I actually prefer the movie made in 2004 in Dripping Springs. I thought it was teriffic.


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The 2004 movie is undoubtedly better in every real, meaningful way, but the "Wayne-Amo"  still holds a sappy, syruppy hold on my heart. The cold-war "us vs. them"  patriotism seems a bit dated, if not downright silly, now, but the big, extended battle scene at the end is still a standout, even though it takes place in broad daylight. Of course, the Crockett death scene --- in which, after being bayoneted by Mexican troops, Crockett/Wayne throws himself on top of barrels of gunpowder and sparks an explosion that decimates a number of Santa Anna's troops --- is pretty dumb, or at least without historical foundation.  But I still remember how transfixed I was the first time I saw it, which was when I was about 10 years old.


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