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A Boy Named Sue


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A few years back, we had a half longhorn steer named Sue. As for that name, well that's a story itself, so gather 'round the campfire ladies and gents. Everybody seated? Good. Wait. Jim Bill, there's a spot right over there. OK. Looks like everybody's set.


I reckon it all started back in May of '08 when a handsome longhorn stranger with and impressive pedigree come up from the South. Nobody knowed his name. He seemed like a nice enough feller, but we give him a lot of room 'cause he was a movin' with purpose. Then he locked eyes with our precious, innocent Ebony, and she was smitten right off. They met at the fence [--fireworks, bells, whistles, angels singin'--] and it was over quicker than a blink. The handsome stranger wheeled 'round and left.  Ebony tried to put on a brave face, but we all could see she was a hurtin' and sad. We figured time would heal her up good.


Now, scoot ahead to February 17, '09. It was a right pleasant day for birthin' and that's exactly what happened. We witnessed the unveilin' of the handsome stranger's legacy – a bull calf. Our Ebony done a fine job of deliverin' and cleanin' up that young un. Then we commenced to hagglin' over a name, but we stopped short. It become clear right off what the name should be, no doubt. You see, February 17 was the birthday of my bride's sister who passed on Valentine's Day of '81 in the last century, and she was called by the name of Sue. We decided that the full name of the bull calf would be “A Boy Named Sue”, but it didn't take long for us to settle in jus a callin' him Sue. Now, ol' Sue was a hand full when he got fully growed. He would commence to snortin' at us and wagglin' those horns such that we couldn't be out in the field with him. So we found him a new home elsewhere.  I swear by all that's sacred, that is the true story. OK, y'all go on, I got something in my eye.

Ebony's beau005.JPG

Ebony and Sue 020.JPG

20140614_094706 ed.jpg

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