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One Gas Sation Thread to Rule them All


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I've decided that it's best if we post all of the gas stations, service stations and small country store photos in one thread.  That makes far more sense than making folks individually open each thread to see the photos.

First up: One of my all-time favorites. The E.L. Bowman Grocery and filling station on the High Plains of Dawson County, 1940.  An utterly spectacular shot by Russell Lee.


Grocery store and filling station in the high plains. Dawson County, Texas. 1940 Russell Lee SMALL.jpg

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A Sinclair Service Station in Palestine circa 1936.  Taken by local Palestine photographer George MacDonald.   I believe this building still stands. Many of the old Sinclair stations still stand because of their stucco construction, particularly in West Texas, where things tend to last forever anyway.

Palestine Sinclair Gas Station 1 Crop for perspective, cont, noiseware, clone sky, histogram.jpg

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Traces of Texas reader Debbie Cardwell graciously shared this photo of a 1962 advertisement for her dad's gas station in Marshall, Texas. What tickles me is that you could leave your car at night and find it parked in your driveway the next morning! And as an added bonus, he gave S&H Green Stamps! Great phone number, too. Thank you, Debbie. I love this crazy kind of arcane stuff!


John Drake Texaco Marshall Texas 1962 advertisement from debbie cardwell.jpg

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