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Ear Marks and Brands

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If you like poetry, try to find “Democracy of Dust”, published in 1947. It is one of several collections of poems by Robert Lee Brothers (1908-1979) of Gonzales County. My favorite from this book is shown below and, to me, it just says Texas.


Ear Marks and Brands


My grandpas both were pioneers

And brought the family fortunes in;

Grew quite respected through the years,

And died in bed like gentlemen.


But I would give a lot to know

What we descendants would have done

If they had been afraid or slow

To back their judgements with a gun.


They call us patrons of the arts,

And honor us with lunch and teas,

Because our grandpas, bless their hearts,

Strung bandits up on live oak trees.


Their irons were hot, their loops were wide,

Their visions clear as Texas air.

And younger Texans point with pride

To famous brands their cattle wear.


When social climbers pry and press,

I give them my best pedigree:

My mammy's folks were LAZY S,

And pappy branded CIRCLE T.

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