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A hurricane ride on a cotton bale, french leave

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Above is a neat story about my father's great grandfather. My father had Traylor for his middle name. His grandfather was Winn. Anyway, it is a neat tale. The author's descriptions so vivid that  you can tell people had great educations back then.

On another note - My mothers great, grand father, (father's grandfather) Frederick Malone of Beeville is interesting too.

He was a judge who fought alongside Jefferson Davis. The family donated the land the Catholic church was built on there. Before that, people had mass in the foyer of their home. They are related to the Malone who died at the Alamo. He was 18, had left his family after a fight with his minister dad and ended up at the Alamo. His dad had been following his trail trying to find him. His parents never took the money or land offered for his death bc they considered it blood money. Rosina (Olga) Russek, from Schulenburg, married John Coleman Malone. The Russeks helped settle Schulenburg and helped pay passage for people to come settle there. They also owned the bank and one son was a state senator. The museum in Schulenburg has things from the Russek mansion. At the time of their marriage, Olga (said to come from titled royalty, father / grandfather? married a commoner and his family disowned him, was marrying what they considered a (new rich) man who lacked the genteel manners of old rich. Lol He was a 6'2", blonde, blue eyed cowboy who played piano and guitar by ear and worked on a ranch nearby. He'd gone to Vanderbilt but left to find silver in Mexico. She had gone to a consetvatory, taught music and lived in town while he worked. 

Back to Harveys - What's really funny, other than the cotton bale story, is the part where Daniel Harvey got up and saw action at the Bennett place because my grandmother's (mother's mother) whose family traces to first cousin's with Thomas Jefferson, were Bennett's. So, potentially we had ancestors on both sides of the war taking pot shots at each other? I doubt many Texans were enthusiastic about fighting each other for the right to own slaves when really, most, esp hard working ranchers, didn't own any.

The best thing about the above link is the last paragraph - "May internal convulsions never again disturb the peace of our country, and necessitate the manifestation of those evil principles which distort the divine image of our natures, and which partake of the likeness of Satan, the father of wars, as well as of lies. May peace ever bless our people—poor and rich alike."

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