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Warrenton School Photo 1909, Souvenir Booklet, & List of Pupils

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This is a class photo from the Warrenton School, 1909. My great grandfather Arthur Albert (Opa) is on the back row, far right. My great grandmother (Elda Cordes Albert) is second row, third from left. They married in December 1918 and were married for 65 years. Opa was a WWI Veteran. They are buried in Round Top at Florida Chapel cemetery. 

I knew both of my great grandparents. I did not know Opa very well, but I was very close to my great grandmother Elda. She died when I was 9. She was an infinitely loving, gentle, and delightful person. She would get on the floor and play with me for hours! Other grandparents (younger than she) would complain about not being able to get up if they got down on the floor. She would duck walk through the garden and pull weeds. She wore her long silver hair in a bun and would braid it at night. She let me brush her hair, and would take her false teeth out to make funny faces at me. She was beautiful, inside and out. 

The second image is a souvenir booklet with a photo of their teacher on the front. Inside there is a list of pupils and some cute illustrations and poems about school. 

The last image is the list of pupils! If your ancestor's name is included there, feel free to download this image. I would also be happy to send you a better scan that is a little clearer. I have 2 other class photos. One from 1912, and the other one appears to be a bit older but the date is ripped off. 


Warrenton School 1909.jpg

Warrenton School Souvenir .jpg

Warrenton School Pupils .jpg

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