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A general run down of Pittsburg, Texas and Camp County.


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Of course the Hotlinks created by Charlie Hassleback that would influence on down the line to today's Rheas - Tyler, Doc's - Gilmer, and of course the Pittsburg branded Warehouse Links made today in Pittsburg left.  (Docs and Rheas are NOT warehouse branded Pittsburg links just influenced from Hassleback and others through time)

Then you got: The First ever The First Carnegie Library in Texas burned down by kids playing with fireworks, then shared with Opera and City Hall, now just city hall.  You got the Peaches and Efurds, Mike Benet Formals , The Ezekial Airship that was before Kitty Hawk flying, the first ever parachute jump out of an airplane at the Northeast Texas Livestock & Agricultural Fair that was second in size to only Dallas back then (1909+) (Date of jump: Nov 7, 1911) .


Then you have the birthing of Pilgrim's Pride with W. W. Weems  ("The Farmer's Friend") owning the Farmer's Feed and Seed when Pat Johns and Aubrey Pilgrim buying it from him.  Bo Pilgrim was hired by his big brother to drive the feed store delivery truck  for 50 cents an hour at first.

The Building is now The Anvil Brewing in Pittsburg.


Then you got Charlie Dunn on the Cotton Belt passenger train ride that would end his life at Pine. https://tylerpaper.com/news/local/friday-is-100th-anniversary-of-fatal-cotton-belt-passenger-train-crash/article_184baf76-2936-5556-99c5-b0def6e317e1.html


Then you have inside of the , County atleast, Leesburg, TX  where Shelby was born and came back to later in life.  And is buried in the Leesburg Cemetery.


They also made a big (unofficial?) Baby Ruth for the opening of A&P. July 1958.












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A few pictures for Shelby in Leesburg.  Edit: Shelby also helped started Chili's with his then son in law that needed a loan. Larry Lavine. Shelby gave him the loan after the two were hanging around the Terlingua Chili Cook Offs.  Seen with Wick Fowler winning the 1970 cook off.


Also: Shelby has his own Chili kit of course and started a program at NTCC before death. https://www.ntcc.edu/shelby






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Franklin's is one of the Hotlink places gone by.  Bought from O O Smith who was old enough to work with Hassleback.  Store in front, restaurant/hotlink place in back.


edit: Also when it was OO Smith's (After Smith and Shell, Smith ran it himself a while I think)






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Cavender and Smith would go in together at first to open Cavender Smith .  Pre-Boot City branding.  Pre-Sonny Smith leaving and opening Smith's Furniture. https://pittsburgcamp.advantage-preservation.com/viewer/?t=30675&i=t&d=01011960-12311969&e=cavender smith&m=between&ord=e1&fn=the_pittsburg_gazette_usa_texas_pittsburg_19650930_english_1&df=1&dt=10

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