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Throw Dirt at a Drunk

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When I was in high school back on the Blackland Prairies back in the 1970s, we had a game we called "Throw Dirt at a Drunk."  The game, which involved drinking a lot of beer, was simple:  we'd go out to a freshly plowed field somewhere and drink a lot of beer --- usually Schlitz but sometimes Pearl or Carling Black Label. Occasionally, stronger spirits like Southern Comfort (eeesh!) whiskey were involved.  At some point after dark, one of us would be appointed the drunk. The object of the game was for the drunk to run from one side of the field, cackling, shrieking and stumbling like a madman, to the other while the rest of us lined up on all sides and tried to bean the drunk with those huge black dirt clods that are so prolific in that part of the state.  Once the drunk got nailed --- and sometimes it took several back-and-forths across the field before that happened ---- another poor sucker was the drunk.  Mind you, some of those dirt clods are the size of softballs, but heavier. They did some damage.  The drunk couldn't see the clods very easily because a) it was dark b) the blackland dirt is dark and c) he was drunk.  Occasionally the drunk would run too far off the edge of the field and right into a barbed-wire fence.  Occasionally somebody would be hit so hard they'd go down as if shot.  Crazy, stupid high school fun. 

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